We propose a large services number : jewel creation or transformation, repair, neckless restring, change of battery or leather bracelet.

Quotation for price :
If the amount exceeds 50€, before any modification, creation or repair, we gracefully establish you a quotation.

Creation and transformation

We are at your disposal for the creation of a new jewel : ring, pendentive... as well as the transformation of an old jewel.
We propose you one or several projects and draws with the quotation of price of the jewel.

Our repair service is at your disposal for the jewellery, clock- making and goldsmithery

Re-string your neckless

If your neckless needs to be re-string, we assure this service in our jewellery.


Change of battery and leather

We dispose of a impressive choice of batteries and leather bracelets. We change on site.

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